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“The Fountain of Lanmeth” at the Gajah Gallery

Singapore, 30 March 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).
Singapore’s Gajah Gallery is presenting the exhibition “The Fountain of Lanmeth” from 21 April to 25 May 2012. The show brings together the works of seven artists from the Indonesian city of Bandung.
The exhibition takes the 1975 song The Fountain of Lanmeth by the Canadian rockband Rush as its central theme. This six part, 20 minute song recounts the epic story of a man who is searching for a magic fountain. Six of the artists featuring in the exhibition (Dita Gambiro, Andry Mochamad, Bagus A. Pandega, Henrycus Napitsunargo, Prilla Tania, and Syagini Ratnawulan) each explore a different part of the song, while the seventh, RE Hartanto, is presenting a work inspired by the whole story.
Dita Gambiro, the 2011 winner of the Bandung Contemporary Art Award, works using the symbolism of hair. His work Panacea, named after the Greek goddess of healing, consists of a bed entirely made from synthetic hair, representing shelter, protection, and a return to  one’s roots.
Prilla Tania studied sculpture at the Bandung Institute of Technology. Dead elephant leaves an ivory, a dead tiger leaces the stripes, a man dies leaving a name is a reflection upon posterity and immortality that takes the form of a video in which the artist draws in crayon on a board.
Bagus A. Pandega is a graduate in fine-arts from the Bandung Institute of Technology. He primarily works on sculptures which make great use of light, sound, and music. His work Valley incorporates the lyrics of the first section of the Fountain of Lanmeth, which is entitled In the Valley. These words are engraved on a multifaceted bowl which, when illuminated, projects the words on the walls of the gallery.
A work by artist Andry Mochamad (1977 – 2008) ,who was a member of a group carrying out research on video art, is also included in the show.

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